Hyundai I30 2.0T GDI N – 5 Year Ceramic Coating

Brand new Hyundai I30 2.0T GDI N came to us for the 5-year ceramic coating exterior only detail. Our standard procedure includes a full decontamination and single stage machine polish before applying any ceramic coating, regardless of the vehicle’s age. This process not only facilitates application but also enhances the gloss, clarity, and depth of… Read more »


Saab 97X 6L V8 – 5 Year Ceramic Coating

Unfortunately, this Saab 97X 6L V8 imported from California had suffered significant hailstorm damage and deep scratches throughout. Despite this setback, the client was eager to implement protective measures while simultaneously pursuing a comprehensive respray. We proceeded with a single-stage machine polish and were able to effectively eliminate many surface scratches, scuffs, and wash marring… Read more »


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe – Enhancement Detail

This 12-year-old Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe came to us looking lackluster and scratched. A “showroom finish” was unrealistic given the condition, but we significantly improved the paint’s gloss, clarity, and depth. We also reduced the visibility of deeper scratches and removed minor swirl marks from bad wash techniques. The convertible roof needs a deep clean and… Read more »


Bentley Continental GT – 5 Year Ceramic Coating

Bentley Continental GT, registered in 2011, and in excellent condition for its age. A single stage machine polish and a 5-year ceramic coating applied for peace of mind, protecting against the harsh weather and making subsequent wash regimes easier and less time consuming. Alloy wheels were removed and refurbished per the customer’s desire. Aerocoat has… Read more »


BMW 640d gran coupe – 5 Year Ceramic Coating

BMW 640d Gran Coupe recently received our popular 5-year ceramic coating exterior only detail, this includes a full decontamination, single stage machine polish to permanently remove minor paint defects such as swirl marks, holograms and previous wash marring, Pyramid Pro 5-year ceramic coating applied to paint surface, wheels* and windscreen sealed. Prices start at £600… Read more »


Range Rover Sport – Enhancement Detail plus Interior Valet

Range Rover Sport enhanced, taking advantage of a single stage machine polish to remove minor imperfections and restore gloss, clarity & depth. We also carried out an interior valet including leather cleaning. Our enhancement details begin at £350 however for a vehicle this size then typically from £450 plus add-ons if required. This can be… Read more »


Subaru Impreza STI – 5 Year Complete Ceramic Paint Protection

Subaru Impreza STI for 5 year ceramic coating complete package after recently having a full respray. Immaculate throughout with the reassurance of some durable paint protection making future wash regimes easier and less time consuming, exactly why the customer chose to go with a ceramic coating. It’s always a privilege to be able to work… Read more »


Jaguar F-TYPE – 5 Year Ceramic Coating (Exterior Only Detail)

Jaguar F-TYPE looking sharp, 5-year ceramic coating ensuring future wash regimes are less time consuming while giving the customer reassurance that the paintwork is now protected. Visit to learn more.  


BMW 120 – 2 Stage Machine Polish & Ceramic Coating 💎 💨

This BMW 120 came to us for a multiple stage machine polish and ceramic glass coating. Although the overall paint condition appeared OK, there were signs of incorrect wash techniques and visits to automatic/hand car wash sites. The paint appeared dull with some minor scratches and swirl marks present, because of this it was decided… Read more »


Audi SQ5 – GYEON 5 Year Exterior Only Detail

This Audi SQ5 in stunning Sepang Blue is now protected with GYEON Q² Infinite Base Type 1 professional ceramic coating. Protect your investment with one of the worlds leading coating manufacturers! Q² Infinite Base Type 1 comes with a 5-year warranty* offering the highest level of protection, designed for professional use only and applied by certified… Read more »