Porsche Targa – Enhancement Detail for Bure Valley Classics

Here is the Porsche Targa completed for Bure Valley Classics today. Single stage machine polish using Angelwax Resurrection on the Rupes BigFoot 15 and 75E Mini to minimise swirling and surface marring from previous poor wash techniques. Paintwork protected with Collinite No. 845 ultra durable wax with durability of 4 months +. The above resulted… Read more »


Ford M Sport – Gyeon Q² Matte Paint Protection

Here is the Ford M-Sport we’ve been working on for the last week. Paintwork sealed with GYEON quartz Q² Matte. A brief summary of the work completed: Safe pH Wash Wheels, arches cleaned with citrus agent Full decontamination (Tar spots, iron particles) Clay to remove bonded contamination Wheels removed and fully decontaminated All plastics, vinyl… Read more »


A spruce up for the East Coast Truckers Children’s Convoy

We’re lucky to work on such a mixture of vehicles, and this Scania truck is no exception. A few hours spent on sprucing this up, ready for the East Coast Truckers Childrens Convoy tomorrow. Everything you need to know about the East Coast Truckers Children’s Convoy, can be seen here;…/everything-you-need-to-know-about-… Let’s hope the weather… Read more »


Audi S3 – Pre-sale Valet & Engine Bay Detail

Here is the Audi S3 we’ve just completed. A brief summary of the work completed: pH Safe Wash Full Decontamination Application of Britemax Black Max via Dual Action Machine Plastics restored and conditioned with Britemax Rubber Max Wheels deep cleaned and sealed with AMDetails Seal Engine bay cleaned and dressed with AMDetails Dress Interior hoovered… Read more »


This week we had the pleasure of working on this stunning Audi RS3, booked in for Interior Protection, Engine Bay Detail and the Wheels Removed in preparation for GYEON Q2 RIM sealant. Application of GYEON FabricCoat to all fabric Application of GYEON LeatherShield to all leather upholstery Engine Bay cleaned with AMDetails APC and various… Read more »


BMW 318i Edition M-Sport – Enhancement Detail & GYEON MOHS

This BMW 318i Edition M-Sport has been booked in for our Enhancement Detail whereby we permanently remove between 80-90% of paint defects such as swirling and surface marring before the application of any protection, on this occasion GYEON MOHS Ceramic Paint Protection. As with all our details a full decontamination is commenced before any machining this… Read more »


Audi A6 – Enhancement Detail

Audi A6 for Enhancement Detail today, 9 year old paintwork with the usual signs of age and neglect such as swirling, scratches and surface marring. Also, an area whereby someone had attempted to remove some bird etching with wet and dry paper or something abrasive. Part of the decontamination stage involved tar spots being chemically… Read more »


This week we’ve had the pleasure of working on this stunning BMW X6 for Enhancement Detail and GYEON quartz MOHS Ceramic Paint Coating BOLT-ON. Our Enhancement Detail will remove between 80-90% of surface defects such as swirling and marring and add gloss, clarity and depth to the paintwork. Paintwork is then sealed with AMDetails Seal,… Read more »


The Wolfgang Detail – Paint Enhancement & Protection

Introducing the new Wolfgang Detail, Paint Enhancement & Protection The aim of the Wolfgang Detail, to remove surface defects, enhance the paint and lay down paint protection and incredible gloss. We have introduced the Wolfgang Detail for customers who still desire a good level of perfection but do not have the budget of our increasingly… Read more »


Mobile Car Valeting in Norwich, Norfolk

Although studio based did you know our mobile team and van are equipped to deal with all aspects of automotive car care at your home or work-place at a time that is convenient for you. Our Valeting packages have been specifically designed for those on a budget but at the same time still desire quality… Read more »