Audi S6 – Full Valet Including Hand Polished

Audi S6 We completed the following: ✔ Safe pH Wash (inc door/boot shuts) ✔ Wheels & Arches Cleaned ✔ Glass Cleaned ✔ Tyres Dressed ✔ Plastics Dressed ✔ Hand Polished ✔ Interior Clean


Headlights Cloudy, Hazy or Dull?

We bring headlights back to new and remove dull, yellowed headlights and enhance night visibility. We can clean and restore your headlights, tail lights and fog lamps with our progressive wet sanding and polishing techniques for maximum visibility. Protect yourself and your vehicle while enhancing its appearance. Click here for more information! Single £30.00 /… Read more »


Audi TT Enhancement Detail & ECO Shield Paint Protection

Here is the Audi TT we’ve been working on this week. Booked in for our increasingly popular Enhancement Detail+ECO Shield Ceramic Paint Protection. ✔ Full Decontamination Wash & Clay Bar ✔ Single Stage Machine Polish ✔ Application of Shield 3K Base 2 ✔ Application of ECO Shield (2 layers) ✔ Application of Glass Freezer Sealant… Read more »


AlloyGator Wheel Protection

HD Valeting & Detailing are now proud stockists and accredited fitters for AlloyGator Wheel Protection. The AlloyGator product is made of a “Super Tough Nylon”, which is flexible and won’t damage your alloy wheels when fitting, but tough enough to give superior protection from kerb and accidental damage. It also adds colour to your vehicle for… Read more »


Defender 90 – Premier Valet

Don’t forget as well as detailing we offer a superior range of valeting packages to suit all budgets. We are able to offer competitively priced monthly maintenances washes from as little as £35.00. We also offer a price-match promise for any like for like service within a 15 mile radius of our detailing studio based… Read more »


Discovery, Enhancement Detail & ECO Shield Protection

Here is the 2016 Discovery we’ve been working on this week, booked in for Enhancement Detail+ECO Shield Ceramic Protection. The following was completed to achieve this finish: Full Hot Decontamination Wash & Clay Wheel arches decontaminated and de-greased Wheels Protected with AMDetails Wheel Wax (Hi-Temp) Single stage machine polish Paintwork cleansed/de-greased prior to ECO Shield… Read more »


Here are the results from the Audi RS4 we’ve been working on this week, booked in for our increasingly popular Enhancement Detail and Ceramic Paint Protection, the customer also opted to have their engine bay detailed (Often an area that is forgotten!). The customer will now enjoy 3 years of easy maintenance with some help… Read more »


Duxback Windscreen Treatment

  We are proud to welcome the availability of Duxback Windscreen Treatment. Duxback is a professionally applied glass treatment that creates a ‘hydrophobic’ effect on automotive glass. Originally developed for aviation and applied to Boeing cockpit glass, a Duxback treatment greatly improves safety when driving in pouring rain especially at night. When driving over 40mph,… Read more »


BMW Enhancement Detail, Leather Care & Engine Bay Clean

Here we have the 2004 BMW we’ve been working on, booked in for Enhancement Detail, Leather Treatment and Engine Bay Clean. Now restored back to its original factory condition (If not, better!) Our enhancement details are entry level into paintwork rectification, they remove between 80-85% of surface defects and add lots of gloss and clarity… Read more »


We had the pleasure of working on this stunning Jeep Grand Cherokee, registered only on the 29/07/2016. Booked in for our increasingly popular Enhancement Detail and Ceramic Paint Protection with durability of a minimum of 3 years, the customer also opted to have their alloy wheels protected with R-EVOLVE ‘X’ High Temp Ceramic Wheel Coating,… Read more »