Hand Car Washes – Cheap is good Right?

Our good friends at Goldcrest Valeting have put together the following article highlighting the differences between a cheap hand car wash vs professional detailer. There is growing evidence everyday that these cheap hand car washes are not as cheap as they may seem. Now I know some of you reading this may react with “but… Read more »


Audi TT Enhancement Detail & Ceramic Paint Protection

Here is the second Audi TT this week after being treated to our Enhancement Detail and ECO Shield Ceramic Coating. As with every detail the Audi was fully washed and decontaminated using fallout remover and a clay bar. This process removes any embedded contaminations such as tree sap from the surface of the paintwork, alloy… Read more »


BMW 335d

Details posted soon.  


Audi TTS Ceramic Paint Protection

October is another busy month for us at HD Valeting & Detailing, we begin with this stunning brand new ’66’ reg Audi TTS straight from the dealership for ourย increasingly popular ECO Shield Ceramic Glass Coating. A question we are often asked is does a brand new car still require as much preparation as an old… Read more »


1992 VW Corrado G60

We had the pleasure of working on this classic 1992 VW Corrado G60 today, an excellent example of a supercharged 90’s icon. Machined using Koch Chemie F5.01 on the Liquid Elements DAS6 T3000. We are accredited by theย Professional Valeters & Detailersย association, whereby to be a member you have to meet a range of criteria including… Read more »


Winter Car Protection Detail

It may only now be autumn but with colder months approaching your vehicle will be more exposed to wet conditions and harsher elements like corrosive road salt, snow and frost. An adequate form of protection is essential during the winter period to help form a barrier against these elements, and keep your car in tip… Read more »


VW Scirocco Minor Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

This VW Scirocco was booked in for a Minor Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating from Liquid Elements. On arrival the paint was inspected, and the usual process began for vehicle decontamination this included all tar spots removed, iron particles and clay bar to remove bonded contamination such as tree sap from the paint surface. Machined… Read more »


Brand new Audi A6 – Enrichment Detail & Ceramic Coating

We had the pleasure of working on this stunning brand new Audi A6 today, booked in for an Enrichment Detail and ECO Shield Ceramic Coating from Liquid Elements. Although brand new each vehicle has to go through the same process which includes a full decontamination which means tar spots are removed, iron particles and the… Read more »


Mercedes Benz Enhancement Detail & Ceramic Coating

Enhancement Detail and ECO Shield Ceramic Coating today on this beautiful Mercedes Benz, as always prior to any work we inspected the paintwork to ensure the correct package for the customers expectations. Machine polished using the new Liquid Elements DAS6 on a various choice of pads from Liquid Elements and SCHOLL Concepts, a single stage… Read more »


Audi RS7

We had the pleasure of working on this beautiful Audi RS7 last week, booked in for our Premier Valet which offers a thorough cleanย and offers paintwork protection lasting for approximately 12 weeks before re-application is necessary. Protection upgrades are available. On arrival we inspected the vehicle and found the paintwork to be in a reasonable… Read more »