Add Ons

Convertible Roof Treatment – ­£150.00

We can enhance and preserve the life of your convertible roof. Convertible soft tops will require special attention to maintain the original looks and waterproofing. Although the cost to replace the soft top can cost several hundreds of pounds, regular care and maintenance is all that is required to maintain that new look.

You can see when it’s time to re-waterproof the fabric top. Simply pour some water onto the fabric roof. If it beads and runs away, it’s OK. If however, the water soaks in and disappears, it’s time to re-clean and re-waterproof. You should never use a cleaner or reviver without re-waterproofing.

If the fabric soft top looks tired and faded to the outside elements, the use of the reviver will add back colour.

Clay Bar Treatment – ­£25.00

Paintwork feeling rough? Contaminants specs/dots on the paintwork that won’t come off during normal wash?
We can clay your entire paintwork, ensuring that it returns back to factory shine and smoothness. This process can transform a car and is highly recommended. Clay barring must be used in conjunction with another valet due to the preparation stage involved.

Glass Rain Repellent – ­£15.00

(Front windscreen only, please contact for additional glass coatings)

Front windscreen glass is sealed which protects against ice, bugs and grime. This particular coating will also repel water effectively which will greatly improve vision in bad conditions.

Tar Removal – ­£15.00

Tar Spots will be safely removed from the exterior of the vehicle.

Engine Bay Cleaned & Dressed – ­£60.00

Engine bay will be degreased and jet washed, dried and the plastic covers protected.

Pet Hair Removal – ­POA

Pet hair removal can be frustrating especially when hair gets embedded in carpets and fabric.

For us we use professional pet hair removal tools, which saves us time, removing pet hair safely and effectively.

Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning – ­POA

We can clean, restore and protect all types of leather. We use a specialist leather supplement, a rich cream designed to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather as new.