Paint Enhancement

Throughout the length of ownership it is likely that your vehicle will have picked up swirls marks, holograms, fine scratches and various other imperfections through washing and usage. As a result of these the paintwork is left looking dull and hazy. Although cleansing and waxing will clean and protect, the ultimate gloss, clarity and protection will be compromised if the paintwork is damaged.

The single stage machine polish will make a huge improvement to the gloss, clarity and ‘depth’ of finish as well as reducing the appearance of swirl marks and washing / drying inflicted marring. Long lasting protection is then applied to every surface, ensuring that future maintenance is easier, and the vehicle looks better for longer.

From – £295

What’s Included?

pH Neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell

​Wheels cleaned with suitable, safe products to dissolve brake dust and road grime

Tyres & arches cleaned and degreased

Vehicle washed using two bucket method with PH neutral shampoo

Tar spots removed

Iron fallout and other metallic fallout removed with specialist product

Paintwork clay barred treatment to remove bonded contaminants such as sap, industrial fallout etc

Dried using uber plush microfibre drying towels

Single stage machine polish to paintwork to minimise swirl marks and other minor defects. Gloss, clarity and depth of paintwork will be enhanced

Rubbers and exterior plastics treated and protected

As standard we finish off in a High Quality Carnauba Wax. We also have better alternatives, click here for the alternatives available.

Water repellent treatment to all exterior windows

Paintwork wiped down and final vehicle inspection carried out

Full Paintwork Correction

The Correction detail is the perfect detail for you if you strive for perfection. This detail consists of multiple stages of machine polishing, using cutting compounds to remove up to 90% of defects in the paint work, such as swirling or fading. The correction stages are then followed by a refinement stages to give huge depth and shine in the natural finish of the paintwork on your vehicle. The correction detail will leave your vehicle looking better than when it was in the showroom.

From – £1,800

What’s Included?

Alloy wheels removed, deep cleaned inside and out and later sealed with GyeonRim

Wheel arches cleaned, door shuts cleaned, engine bay degreased

Extensive wash process using the two bucket method and pH neutral products

Tar deposits and iron contaminants chemically removed

Remaining surface contaminants removed via clay bay; leaving a slick, glass-like finish

Touchless drying (Car Dryer) to remove trapped water and eliminate drips

Delicate areas taped-up or removed to aid machine polishing stage

A 3 stage machine correction to remove 90-95% of the paint defects

Paintwork thoroughly wiped over with alcohol to remove polishing residues and oils

Paintwork protected with Gyeon DuraFlex or MOHS+ Certified Only Ceramic Coating

Exterior trim dressed with permanent trim restorer leaving ‘as new’ condition

Windscreen polished with Cerium Oxide to remove wiper haze and to prep for glass coating

Glass cleaned throughout and exterior rain repellent coating applied

Badges and grilles polished by hand and protected

Tyres dressed with long-lasting tyre gel

Interior vacuumed and litter removed

Interior fascia’s cleaned throughout inc. luggage area

Leather deep cleaned, conditioned and protected with Leather Guard

Upholstery, floor mats and carpets wet vacuumed to remove any soiling and stains before protectant is applied

Final inspection and wipe-down with hydrophobic spray sealant

Paint Protection Upgrades

Swissvax Shield PTFE Wax – £55.00

Swissvax Best of Show Wax (51% pure yellow Brazilian Grade One Carnauba Wax) – £70.00

Ceramic Paint Protection