Air Conditioning Cleaning


11014873_359922244217235_4618400371383897639_nIt’s a well known fact poorly maintained Air Conditioning Systems can cause serious health problems.

Most Vehicles now have an A/C system and at some time it will need to be maintained and serviced. Vehicle manufacturers recommend that it is serviced twice a year to keep it in good working order and to prevent bad odours caused by the growth and build-up of bacteria, mould and fungi and the resulting health hazards this can cause.

Airborne bacteria and fungal spores when circulated via the vehicle’s air conditioning system and then inhaled can affect the health of passengers with flu-like symptoms, allergic reactions or sick car syndrome.

We are now able to offer ÜBER Air, Air Conditioning Purifier.

Uber air is:

✓ Tested and Passed to European Disinfection Standard BS EN 13697.
✓ Tested and guaranteed to kill bacteria and fungi (mould) on contact.
✓ Inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents the discharge of fungal spores.
✓ Neutralises and eliminates damp, musty odours from the air conditioning unit, not just masking them.

This service can be combined with any existing package or standalone service for £35.00 per application.