An introduction to HD Car Care


HDCC-PinaColadaSocialInitially, we developed these products to use in our own, bespoke detailing studio. But now, after rigorous testing, we can now offer these to you, our customers.

We’ve designed this range to be easy-to-use. The market is SO saturated now with brands, for example, creating 5 or more products JUST for wheels. We’ve heard the feedback and through experience, we know this process of choosing the right products can be a daunting and time-consuming process.

If you own a detailing company then enquire about our trade discount.

IMG_7478_1024x1024@2xpH Neutral Snow Foam – A premium super-concentrated pH Snow Foam with a hint of Tutti Frutti fragrance which provides a thick, clinging foam to aid the removal of surface soiling before making any physical contact with your paintwork, therefore, minimising the risk of inflicting swirl marks.

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IMG_7482_1024x1024@2xpH Neutral Shampoo – A highly concentrated shampoo that contains no gloss enhancers or surface modifiers. Exceptional foaming capabilities and anti-mar properties making it ideal for maintenance details and everyday use. Being pH neutral our shampoo is gentle on existing protection such as waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings.

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IMG_7137Glass Cleaner – Developed to effortlessly remove dirt, dust, road grime and tobacco film from all glass surfaces. Formulated to allow for a streak-free finish. Ammonia free solution so safe to use on LCD display screens and tinted glass surfaces.

With added Anti Fog Characteristics which leaves a film which inhibits fogging and misting which is particularly common during the winter. This temporary film will last between several days and week although this will depend on the level of moisture and whether the screen is wiped, both of which will diminish the effectiveness.

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IMG_7123Pina Colada Satin Interior Dressing – A water based interior dressing formulated to clean and enhance the appearance of all interior plastic, vinyl, rubber and metal surfaces.

It is easy to apply and produces a matt/factory look finish. Leaves a dry, antistatic finish.

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IMG_6986Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner – A non-acidic high foaming wheel cleaner that has a low hazard formulation but formulated to effortlessly remove even the most stubborn soiling safely yet effectively.

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