Audi A3 – Premier Valet with ADD-ONS


This Audi A3 has been booked in previously (sometime ago now), we re-visited today and carried out a Premier Valet and engine bay add-on.

The car quite soiled to be expected for this time of year, the paintwork and wheels were also covered in tar deposits.

Paintwork is now feeling smooth once again as embedded contamination has been removed by means of a mild clay bar to prevent marring (this can be caused by claying incorrectly or using an aggressive clay), paintwork has then been hand polished and protected using Power Maxed SiO2 Polymer Wax which layers down a super protective and durable barrier with an estimated durability of between 12-18 months with correct maintenance.

We didn’t forget the interior, as included in the Premier Valet the interior was thoroughly vacuumed and upholstery wet vacuumed and leather cleaned where applicable.