Audi A6 – Enhancement Detail


Audi A6 for Enhancement Detail today, 9 year old paintwork with the usual signs of age and neglect such as swirling, scratches and surface marring. Also, an area whereby someone had attempted to remove some bird etching with wet and dry paper or something abrasive.

Part of the decontamination stage involved tar spots being chemically removed, followed by iron particles and finally AMDetails Clay to remove embedded contamination.

The above process is an absolute minimum before any machine work should take place. This will ensure the LSP can bond properly to the paint too.

Single stage machine polish using the Rupes S.p.A. 15 and 75E Mini with Koch Chemie UK Ltd compounds to minimise swirling and add gloss, clarity and depth to the paintwork.

Paintwork sealed with AMDetails Seal, a Synthetic Paint Sealant.