Audi SQ5 Enhancement & GYEON Durabead


We had the pleasure of working on this stunning Audi SQ5 recently, booked in for Enhancement & GYEON Durabead an ultra hydrophobic hybrid quartz coating system. This can only be applied by GYEON certified detailers, of whom we are.

This comes supplied with 5 years warranty, and will provide strong self-cleaning and anti-vandalism properties, as well as excellent protection against bird droppings, bug splatter, road salt and harmful UV radiation.

  • Full Decontamination (Tar spots, Iron particles & Clay bar to remove embedded contamination)
  • Machine Polish using the Rupes 75E Mini using GYEON compounds
  • Tyres dressed with GYEON tire
  • Application of GYEON Durabead (Certified detailers only)