Ceramic Paint Protection


ECO SHIELD Ceramic Coating developed and manufactured by Liquid Elements a german company that develops its own products in-house after considerable testing in the field in a wide variety of conditions.

Liquid Elements ECO SHIELD is a non VOC ceramic coating which offers unrivalled depth of gloss and stunning looks to all painted surfaces. Superb water repellency abilities and durability of 2 years plus on correctly prepared paintwork. Improved scratch resistance over standard paint finishes once ECO SHIELD is applied and left to cure

Non VOC containing ceramic coating with durability of around 2 years can be applied onto trim , metal, paint and glass and will give protective abilities : 8.5H hardness and excellent water repellency coupled with a higher resistance to water marks that are associated with other ceramic products on the market.

ECO Shield can be added to any of our detailing packages.

Why choose ceramic coating instead of a wax?

  • High strength resistance and water repellency
  • It is extremely durable and will protect for a minimum of two years
  • The coating significantly enhances gloss levels to leave incredible reflectivity
  • It contains UV filters to stop the paintwork becoming dull and jaded from harmful UV rays
  • It has scratch resistance which ultimately reduces the risk of wash marring and swirl marks
  • It offers resistance to contaminating substances such as bird droppings, bug splatter, corrosive traffic film, whilst also helping to reduce dirt and road salt from bonding to the paintwork
  • A vehicle protected with a ceramic coating remains clean for significantly longer and its usual maintenance is much easier and less time-consuming

Ceramic Paint Protection From £200.00

* Please note that all prices shown are for guidance only. Price dependent on model of car and condition, all prices reflect the amount of hours spent