Duxback Windscreen Treatment



twitterlogoWe are proud to welcome the availability of Duxback Windscreen Treatment.

Duxback is a professionally applied glass treatment that creates a ‘hydrophobic’ effect on automotive glass.

Originally developed for aviation and applied to Boeing cockpit glass, a Duxback treatment greatly improves safety when driving in pouring rain especially at night.

When driving over 40mph, rain water will be blown straight off the glass, no need for wipers!

In wintertime ice will either not stick to the glass or will be much easier to remove.

Research has shown that visibility is improved by 35% when driving in pouring rain.

Furthermore a driver’s ability to identify a small object when driving in foul conditions is improved by 25%. A 25% improvement in reaction time is 58 feet at 40 MPH.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Duxback work?
In a word ? Yes! Research has shown that Duxback can increase visibility by 35% in pouring rain. What’s more, this revolutionary car windscreen treatment improves a drivers’ ability to identify a small object by 25%.

Duxback is hydrophobic, meaning water and ice won’t stick. It even makes it easier to remove squashed bugs!

How long does Duxback last?
Six months on front windscreen, a year on side glass.

Does Duxback effect the Rain Sensor?
Absolutely not

Does Duxback make it easier to remove splattered bugs?
Absolutely, similar to the simple removal of ice in winter.

What wears Duxback off the glass?
Just dirt and dust in the air. Try driving without a windscreen!

Are all wiper blades compatible with Duxback?
Yes, although we recommend pure Silicone blades which enhance the Duxback performance and provide smoother and quieter blade performance.

We are able to offer extremely competitive rates for the application of Duxback, to give you an idea I have posted below the cost of having Duxback applied by Halfords Auto Centre.

HD Valeting & Detailing Application Cost

Duxback Front Window Application – ยฃ25.00
Duxback Whole Car Application – ยฃ50.00