GYEON Yearly Maintenance Top-Up


PrintAfter listening to feedback from customers we’ve introduced a GYEON Yearly Maintenance Top-Up Package. This is recommended 1 year after the initial application.

This is a recommendation only and does not affect your GYEON warranty (please refer to handbook for minimum requirements).

  • Pre-wash
  • GYEON Q²M Foam applied and left to dwell
  • Arches and door shuts are cleaned
  • Fuel cap recess cleaned
  • Wheels are cleaned (removed from vehicle)
  • Wheels are decontaminated
  • Application of GYEON Q² RIM (Min 2 layers)
  • 2 bucket method wash
  • Application of GYEON Q² VIEW to all glass
  • Tar spots are removed
  • Application of GYEON Q²M Cure (hydrophobic spray sealant)
  • Tyres dressed
  • Interior vacuum
  • Leather clean/wipe down

1-2 day booking

Please bring your warranty card with you for this exclusive price.