Nissan X-Trail Winter Protection, GYEON Q2 View & Headlight Restoration


Nissan X-Trail completed and personally delivered back to the customer (We donโ€™t just carry public liability insurance), we are insured to work upon vehicles and have full comprehensive motor trade policy in situ.

This received our Winter Protection package with ECO Shield Ceramic Paint Protection as an upgrade, GYEON quartz Q2 View (an advanced quartz-based coating system) on the front windscreen and the front headlights were restored and protected as part of our headlight restoration service.

Although perhaps a bit dated now, this received as much attention to detail as any other car which passes through the door and has been gratefully improved and the protection will make any future maintenance wash a little less time-consuming as well as protecting against harmful UV rays, bird droppings, bug splatter and corrosive traffic film.