Porsche Boxster 986 In-depth Valet & Convertible Roof Treatment

We recently had the pleasure of working on this Porsche Boxster 986 before being featured in the 911 & Porsche World Magazine, we were asked to carry out a more โ€˜in-depthโ€™ valet and convertible roof treatment, the steps involved from initial cleaning and applying some protection will be explained shortly in the 911 & Porsche World Magazine.

We can enhance and preserve the life of your convertible roof. Convertible soft tops will require special attention to maintain the original looks and waterproofing. Although the cost to replace the soft top can cost several hundreds of pounds, regular care and maintenance are all that is required to maintain that new look.

Moldy fabric can look unsightly, thankfully with a deep clean using our Lime prewash which contains a bactericidal agent that targets the mold and algae we managed to restore the roof and by killing the spores the roof is now more resistant to mold growth and is now protected for another year with both Fabsil & Fabsil Gold adding UV protection and a hydrophobic finish.