VW Scirocco Minor Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating


This VW Scirocco was booked in for a Minor Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating from Liquid Elements.

On arrival the paint was inspected, and the usual process began for vehicle decontamination this included all tar spots removed, iron particles and clay bar to remove bonded contamination such as tree sap from the paint surface.

Machined using the new DAS6 from Liquid Elements using various compounds from the SCHOLL Concepts brand.

Once machined the paintwork is again inspected and a final wipe down is performed using Filler Killer from Envy Car Care, this removes all polishing oils and residue prior to the application of ECO Shield Ceramic Coating.

ECO SHIELD is a non VOC ceramic coating which offers unrivalled depth of gloss and stunning looks to all painted surfaces. Superb water repellency abilities and durability of 3 years plus on correctly prepared paint work

Improved scratch resistance over standard paint finishes once ECO SHIELD is applied and left to cure.

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